Australia is a good market, because Australians pay a premium for drugs.” Some drugs available on the dark web like carfentanil, which is mainly used on elephants, are 10,000 more powerful than morphine. On any given day, between 15 and 22 kilograms of the opioid fentanyl were available on the dark web, with prices of up to $300 a gram. Professor Broadhurst said an average dose of fentanyl was 200 micrograms, meaning billions of doses were available to dark web users.

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canada goose factory sale Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: Food Notes: Calle Mexico opens third location, Through the Pass tells feel good food stories Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentGood news for Old Strathcona residents; Calle Mexico has opened up a third location at 7704 104 St., in the old Atlantic Trap Grill building. On the day that they opened, Dec. 21, but owner Juan Talango and wife Angelica del Carmen were at it mere hours later, serving until late in the day. canada goose factory sale canada goose uk black friday 2: In short term, equities exhibit very sharp volatilities, which many of us find difficult to stomach. Fact No. 3: Equities carry lot of risk even to the extent of loosing ones entire corpus. It is hypocritically stupid to place carbon costs upon Australian industries and devastate our economy with massive costs on families. Export coal sales negate any reduction effort made here. MPs should sit in on the APS morality re education classes as object examples of what not to do. canada goose uk black friday

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Canada Goose sale Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: Pot cupboard is almost bare: AGLC stops taking new cannabis applications Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentThe province’s need for weed has prompted Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis to deny new applications and withhold retail licences for pot shops amid an ongoing national cannabis crunch.On Wednesday, the provincial agency responsible for overseeing Alberta’s fledgling legal cannabis industry said ongoing supply shortages have prompted the temporary halt to approving more retailers until supply lines are stabilized.Alain Maisonneuve, president and CEO of AGLC, said a nationwide shortage of recreational marijuana has affected Alberta stores that they had hoped would have enough supply to last for months.”AGLC ordered enough product to support up to 250 retail stores in the first six months of legalization; however, as of November 17 we have only received approximately 20 per cent of what we had ordered,” he said in a statement.”While some licensed producers have fulfilled their commitments, not all have. We continue to work with them to fill stock. Unfortunately, regardless of our efforts, we are seeing the supply of most products run out.”Article content continuedAGLC said it had taken steps to secure more product as looming shortages became apparent, contacting all producers with federal licences to sell cannabis, but were unsuccessful.Given the shortage, AGLC announced it will temporarily halt accepting new applications as well as freezing additional cannabis retail licences indefinitely Canada Goose sale.

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