The counterpoint is that the 49ers aren’t particularly strong at safety, even with Tartt in the fold. If they let him go, they’re looking at Jimmie Ward (I love him, but you know about his injuries) and Marcell Harris as projected starters, with Tarvarius Moore as the primary backup. Not ideal.

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And betting on a Cleveland team showing up and doing well against the Ravens twice in one season is even scarier. With Baltimore able to wrap up top spot in the AFC and essentially get the next two Sundays off, the Ravens should be fully motivated.Carolina +7 over INDIANAPOLISLook, we don get it, but for some reason QBs have been solid selections in their first career starts this season. With Will Grier getting his against the banged up Colts, we can see a backdoor cover here.Cincinnati +1 over MIAMITwo teams, four total wins.

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