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Никогда не станет мастером тот, кто боится сделать первый шаг

Архив месяца Сентябрь, 2014

right to academic

Yet I recognize that even with a basic constitutional right to academic freedom, the growing reliance on non tenure track faculty members, and the prevalence of external intrusions, will no doubt continue to threaten academe core values. Indeed, as conditions stand, I have given up hope that the trend to replace full time, tenure track […]

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13Drive three metal stakes into the ground three feet away from the edge of the hole. Space the stakes evenly around the hole. Loop ropes around the light post and tie them to the stakes to secure the post as the concrete cures. Check that the post cheap jerseys wholesale is exactly vertical by holding […]

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Pure chocolate

Before moving to California, I belonged to a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm, in which I paid an organic farmer to grow crops for me and the other shareholders. For roughly $20 a week, 3 friends and I were supplied with a whole crate of organic fruits and vegetables. It was a great way of […]

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