We just moved classes, connect, and content to online media. Soon, we will become good at it, and extend it to all. A student will be served just as well with an online curriculum delivered by star teachers across the world. They asked the New York City’s medical examiner’s office to see if any children had recently died who showed any of the symptoms. They checked with health departments in other major cities. Nobody seemed to know much.But it would soon become very clear to Lee, the Health Department and city officials that this new syndrome was rapidly becoming a threat to children in New York.Across the state, about 70% of patients with the syndrome have been cared for in intensive care units, according to Dr.

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wholesale jerseys Self serve buffets and salad bars will also be closed if employees cannot offer buffet service.Restaurants must also create mask policies for customers, which may include refusing to serve guests who aren’t wearing a face mask while away from their table or around others.Beshear said bars will remain closed until July because it’s harder to regulate social distancing inside bars than in restaurants, but bars can still operate as restaurants by offering food service at tables outside.Additionally, the governor’s restrictions on interstate travel expired Friday.On Thursday, Beshear added new dates for reopening horse parks, auctions, large group gatherings and more. See WCPO’s timeline for the full list of event reopenings in Kentucky and around the Tri State.TIMELINE: Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana reopening plansVoting in Kentucky’s primarySec. Of State Michael Adams unveiled a new web portal where Kentuckians can check their voter registration status and request absentee ballots for the primary elections.There are four ways to vote in Kentucky: in person on election day, June 23; in person early voting before June 8; absentee by mail; and absentee ballots returned to your local elections board before election day.Since the state is “not able” to mail ballots to everyone automatically, Sec.”It makes it easy to vote, and it makes it hard to cheat,” Adams said. wholesale jerseys

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